Thank You 2017 – Hello 2018

Hey lovelies Happy New Year! Today I'm letting you in on a little secret; I really dont like new year resolutions *hides face in both palms πŸ™ˆ* and this year I aint forcing it. I mean resolutions can be daunting, especially when you dont achieve them. Yes hunnies, routines over resolutions so it's just a … Continue reading Thank You 2017 – Hello 2018


The very end of an era

Graduation Day is finally here. I was awake by 5.44AM despite that commencement began at 9AM. I cried tears of joy as I looked at my student portal and it read "graduate". Tears of relief too, maybe. And some of anxiety and elation and longing and excitement. The emotions reigned rampant and couldnt be contained. … Continue reading The very end of an era


So last month was Harare Natural Spring Fest, where natural hair salons, hair care givers, make up artists & several brands showcased their Spring/Summer collections. It was my first fest so you can imagine my excitement. Here’s my recap of the whole thing, including lots of pictures 😊 I had spent most of the previous … Continue reading HNSF RECAP – WHO I SAW, WHAT I WORE & LOTS OF PICTURES

3rd Natural Hair Anniversary

Word! My 3rd Natural Hair Anniversary is well underway! I have to say that looking through my photo archives since the big chop has revealed that this natural hair growing tip is my gig πŸ˜‰. In this shoot, my friend Patience came with. In her characteristic cheerleader enthusiasm she motioned me: "Yes turn like this! … Continue reading 3rd Natural Hair Anniversary

Soft Hair Days with Nubian Nature

Hey Lovelies I've had some of my greatest hair days in the last few months, and this has been the most manageable my hair has been without necessarily having to go through deep conditioning! Now you've likely never seen this product in local stores because its a South African brand but if you are in … Continue reading Soft Hair Days with Nubian Nature

The end of an era!

Hey Lovelies Yikes. Its been forever since we hanged ei? Maybe I need to re-introduce myself now that Uni is done and the "graduate" title is in order! Well not exactly because graduation is still months away but I'm done with the hullabalo of this Engineering degree. Soon to be Bachelor of Honors Degree in … Continue reading The end of an era!